Upper Nile University to relocate to Malakal

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Upper Nile University Branch based in   Juba, will relocate to Malakal main campus to enable the University to run smoothly.

While speaking to the press yesterday, the Minister of higher Education, science and Technology Gabriel Changson Chang revealed that the issue of the University was premise, adding that the area land that the Upper Nile University using is very small to keep such a big number of students and to prevent spread of COVID19.

“Upper Nile University will be back to Malakal by the middle of December 2020, the problem with Upper Nile University here is premise, they have tiny place for the covid-19 measures to be implemented”, said Chang.

Chang further explained that Upper Nile University’s issues has nothing to do with the Vice Chancellor, the maintence of the University is going on well in Malakal.

“The maintence of Upper Nile University is going on well and soon, they should be able to relocate, some of the measures against covid-19 such as e-learning needs facilities”, hang said.

Chang appealed to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to bail out the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology by availing the budget required by the Ministry to enable do its work.

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