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Upper Nile State Gov’t accused of misusing public funds

By James Atem Kuir

Former Upper Nile officialhas accused the state authorities of having snipped money meant for salaries of the state civil servants and spent the same on the reception of the deputy governor James Tor Monybuny.

Deputy Governor Monybuny left Juba for Malakal on Tuesday ahead of his boss, Governor Budhok Ayang Kurwho is said to be in Juba.

AjakWer, the former secretary-general of the state saidsalary for the month of September 2020 forcivil servants in the state wassentto Malakal on Friday last week.

Mr. Wer alleged that Mr. Nyok Arang, the current secretary-general and Mr. Yuot Monyik the Director-general of the ministry of finance, with the directives of Deputy Governor Monybuny used the public funds.

“Up to now the civil servants have not been paid their salary. They were expecting their salary on Monday and Tuesday but they failed (the state SG and Finance DG)because… they have used much or part of the salary for the reception of the deputy governor,” he said in an interview with Juba Monitor on Tuesday.

The former Secretary General alsoalleged that the officials in question neither consultedgovernor nor the state civil servants.

“That is the mistake they have done. That was done without consultation with the governor himself because when we passed the information to the governor, ‘he said this is the mistake of the deputy governor and I will not… what is I will say the deputy governor to pay this money as soon as possible so that the salary go out to the civil servant,” he added.

Juba Monitor tried without success to get comments from the secretary general on matter yesterday but said was too busy to talk.

For past two days, Juba Monitor’s efforts to reach Governor Budhok Ayang Kurfor comments did not succeed as officials at the state coordination office where he is said to be, kept saying the governor was too busy meeting officials.

Upper Nile State has been hit by another controversy over establishment of Malakal as a municipality and not being county headquarters of Makal County.

The decision has been contested by both natives and intellectuals of the county, including Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin.

Upper Nile State only has its governor Budhok Ayang Kur appointed in January this year after President Kiir and Dr. Machar the first Vice president disagreement over the appointment of Gen. Johnson Olony since February 2020 when all governors were appointed.

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