We up-hold and respect the rule of law governing the country in all its entity. This has to be cherished by all law abiding citizens for the smooth running and management of the country’s affairs. However, we detest and condemn when such a law is being abused or misused by the same people or persons who are supposed to be the custodians. These kinds of actions gives a room to would be or perceived enemies a field day to say whatever they want about us or our country. We believe there is freedom of expression enshrined in our constitution. This freedom should however, be guarded not to border on hate speech and innuendoes on individualism. Where such is assumed to have been committed someone implicated should be called upon to explain him/herself. This is what freedom of speech or expression is all about. Not the other way around. Of late we are witnessing some move within the media circle where stories are removed from the paper at the printing press just because someone does not like the headline or just to be seen to be doing his or her work. While it should be noted that media houses are manned by mature people, some, whose contributions in the national affairs cannot be questioned, it beats all logics why such action should be encouraged in the first place and what is the objective of such action. It has happened to us not once or twice, but it is becoming a habit which need to be stopped or discouraged. Imagine you are faced at an international forum to justify how freedom is freedom in the country with all these kind of actions taking place. Imagine how we are creating field day for the enemies of the country. Why should we be afraid of an individual’s opinion if it does not border on incitement or hate speech. We stand to be proved wrong. The leadership of this country has owned up that some National concerns were not being properly addressed and there are elements of mismanagement in a number of institutions. Let this kind of positive admission be part of our corrective measure for tomorrow. Not being seen to be muscling the mouth- piece or the voice of the people.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Sometimes l wish l could be living on top of the tallest mountain in the world somewhere in the Himalayas, Mt Everest or somewhere in the heart of Africa and for this reason, the East African Region, Mt. Kilimanjaro. We are endowed with beauties and natural resources which are zealous of the other part of the world. The wish to live in the Far East Mountain was to bring me closer to somewhere called Alaska. Many of you might not know what happens there in the cold environment capped with continuous ice as part of daily environment. My wish was to be as much away from this son of… Who persistently crowd me with all sorts of minor issues even to the point of his own shoe-lace. SaTP was unbecoming and could not be tolerated anymore. He had become so indifferent that l thought of seeking refugee from the boss. But when l tried presenting my predicaments in the hands of SaTP to the boss, instead of sympathizing, he just laughed at me. We were in topic of our caring President having announced the release of 2.4 billion SSP to the National Dialogue. This has been the move the country has been waiting for. The jump-start to peace is taking its positive shape and as much as President Kiir is giving his full support for the success, but remained neutral to ensure success. As we grapple with this noble cause and action it was receiving, SaTP brought my attention to the fact that somewhere in the country, and children were waiting for peace and prosperity. Somewhere, the nomination of SPLM/IO to EALA hangs in the balance with claims that it was an armed body not a political party as enshrined in the constitution and still somewhere, the army denied conducting offensive in rebel areas. In Kator, Bishop Santo preached that there was no reason or justification for cancelling the National Independence Day Celebrations. In our own back-yard, someone we call them final editors, had decided that a certain story that had been designed for publication did not qualify and could not see that light of the day. This was a story quoting an individual and had no innuendoes or name calling. It was only urging the Government to do more for the people. Somewhere it did not meet the criteria of the final editors. How long this will be is not known but hopefully not long enough to be long enough. The country must move in the right direction as it has already been demonstrated by the leadership despite the fact that some people are not for change even if change is within their doors. Let positive change take the center stage for appropriate change.




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