Until the land is owned by the government

When cases of land grabbing are counted today, it can be ascertained that almost everybody has encountered a case. Among communities, whether in Juba or elsewhere in South Sudan, cases of land grabbing have halved cases that cause civil wars, and that, civil wars are expected to outbreak tomorrow and, if not tomorrow, then next tomorrow. What is it? Why should the survivors of the civil wars finish themselves when the civil wars they had fought have earned them an independent country that is expected to solve cases of land grabbing? As a reminder, clashes caused by land grabbing are of two types; there is that type in which the clash is between or among the communities and that type in which the clash is between the communities and the government. Clashes among the communities over land disputes are fewer and less atrocious than those between the government and the communities in that it almost causes a rebellion. From Shirikat to Gudele, and from Gudele to Hai Referendum, land grabbing has been claiming lives, including the lives of high profile persons and no actions are promptly taken by the concerned authorities to curb such a horrible situation. Up to now, the last year’s Shirikat incident is unsolved, and another land grabbing atrocities were just recorded yesterday as the innocent souls of three people are said to be rested in eternal peace by many media houses. Gudele new market incident that claimed many lives has not been solved yet, and it will be another bone of contention in future if left unsolved because lives have not been compensated and the market is not owned by the government. Presently, shops are being illegally constructed and the government is muted about it. Individual cases happening in all residential areas over plots can’t even be talked about because the owners of the plots carry their own crosses. Such cases are too murderous as assassinations are seen as the only possible solutions the disputed plots can be claimed. In either type, it’s still the government that carries the responsibility. 

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