As the August House prepares to discuss the national budget, the eyes and ears of the civil servants are set to seeing good results and hearing fruitful deliberations on the discussion of the national budget. Within the budget contains what will enliven the hopes of the civil servants who work expecting to be paid at the end of the month, but later go unpaid. Although many budgets have been discussed and passed by the parliament, this year’s national budget carries central importance as it is a budget of a year prior to elections and also a budget of the year when civil servants are too tired of both underpayment and delay in payment of that little salary. In all other national budgets discussed and passed in the past years, there has been withholdment of salaries for civil servants in that civil servants receive the salaries of the past year in the New Year they are in, but this shows the unseriousness of the government toward its citizens.As the country prepares for elections, the government should be more serious about handling the citizens delicately like an egg because these are the things it will count during the campaigns, but when the civil servants go unpaid from one month to another, what other heart-winning achievement can the government mention for campaign apart from this? In fact, the government can behave like a groom in need of a girl to marry this time since anything it does is seen in the eyes of elections nowadays. And without denial, the citizens are wise enough this time around to vote for whoever does what is in their best interest. Any continuity of what holds back the hands of the citizens directly leads to loss of votes, therefore the successful deliberations of the national budget and its passage by the parliamentarians plus the implementation of monthly payment of salaries earns the government votes.

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