Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It came right on time for the leadership in this country to tell the UN Security Council to be reformed to meet their obligations as required by the approved documents to comply with the needs in the 21st century. It takes courageous and honest leader like President Salva Kiir Mayardit to put it blunt as it should be through virtual conference of the 75 session of the UNSC. Indeed the UN body has not lived to its standard and expectation. Indeed the President is among the African leaders and developing countries who have felt the real need for the council to work according to the books and documents chartering in its formation as the high body dealing with security. There have been questions and doubts as to whether the UN in totality is serving the interests of member countries equally. This cannot be true as will always remain perceived mirth in the history calendar of the UN body. I stand to be corrected but their roled have remained doubtful in the African continent. There have been cases of “glove punching” when it comes to the continental issues where the body is supposed to act. There are glaring and clear evidence that the UN body has not performed according to the required laws. Where they send their observers and monitoring mission particularly in the continent, there have been hue and cry of the ill-deeds that are against the mandate and conduct of their mission. In this country the behaviours of some of them surpasses the mandate bestowed on them for the protection of civilians. They have gone heyway with some of them being smuggled outside the country with internal arrangements from the bosses and quarters. The President is right and all that is required is a reform in the UNSC to be able to perform the duties expected of them and to be honest and discipline to the chore of their responsibilities of being security watchdogs for the member countries. It is not normal to point wholesome finger to the whole UN body set up because among them, there are good and trusted officers but as every institution, there must be bad or rotten apples which must be separated from the good ones. Respect is never bought, it is earned. The UN must strive to earn the same not to sit back expecting that with the international clout they are enjoying they must be automatically in the uppermost echelon of respect. They should earn this with positive approach to issues pertaining to the member states instead of arm-twisting them and provoking situations that the body is more superior to the integrity of the member countries they are supposed to serve. It is real as the President said the UNSC should live in this century instead of being in the past. This how they will earn respect.

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