Unnecessary killings should be stopped

By: Anna Nimiriano

The unnecessary killings occurring in the States and within Juba by unknown gunmen should be stopped. According to the information in the media people were killed by unknown gunmen. Recently, a man threw a grenade at a tea place and killed a number of people and injured others in Wau. Why would a solider behave in such a manner? Is it frustration or something? I mean, what was the problem that led him to kill innocent people? This is the issue that needs to be addressed. 

We cannot talk the language of peace and at the same time unnecessary killings are happening in other places. Soldiers are people who were supposed to take care of citizens but not to kill. If they are involved in killings they should be treated as criminals. Taking law in their hands is prohibited by the authorities in the country.  The issue of killing people by unknown gunmen should be addressed immediately. There is nothing called unknown gunmen, as matter of fact, where do they get the guns to kill people?

What I know is that there are no markets for buying guns in South Sudan. Therefore, it is of a paramount importance to know where those people carrying out the killings are getting their guns.  Whether there were people supplying them guns or some soldiers turn to be criminals at night is something we need to know. It has become too much to hear the same thing from a year to another. New Year should be addressed with new policies. People of South Sudan are tired of hearing people being killed.

Several times the matters of guns to be silenced were addressed by leaders but to no avail.  People need to hear good messages not funeral of people killed without justification.    In general, soldiers are being taken to the cantonment areas for training and unification to become one national army in the country.  The authorities in the cantonment areas should address the issues of killing innocent citizens and advise them how to conduct themselves as professional army in the country.  They should be trained with international military laws and not allow them to move anyhow in order to commit crimes.

All the necessary needs should be provided to them and pay salaries in time, so that they would not think of evil act at night or during day time.

 Authorities concerned should resolve problems facing them in the units and act accordingly.  The authorities should know sources of problems, if it is trauma, let it be healed. If other challenges that are allowing them to rob and kill, that needs to be addressed.

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