UNMISS Secretary General Request more women in uniform

The Secretary General of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), David Shearer has demanded for more women in uniform to join UNMISS peacekeepers.

David said government will bring more women to be trained so that they participate in peacekeeping in the country.

He said out of113, 000 UNMISS peacekeepers in South Sudan, few of them are women.

Shearer made the remarks during the ceremony of International Day of UN peacekeepers.

David said reports of information related to women, peace and security agenda is largely focused on sexual and gender-based violence.

“The reports include some information on specific acts of SGBV in and around UNMISS protection of civilian sites, including reports of rape and sexual violence perpetrated by men in uniform, women’s health concerns related to terminating unwanted pregnancies; and the confiscation of small arms and other weapons to improve the security situation.” Shearer said.

He said UNMISS is providing support to the police by providing sensitization training, including on SGBV, and supporting an Emergency Call Center which takes calls on SGBV  to promote public security.

“The report also covers work by UN-Women in South Sudan reviewing the priorities of a 2012 peace forum in support of the WPS resolutions including the high rate of SGBV and the insufficient justice for survivors coupled with low prosecution rates.”

He said there is also some sex-disaggregated data on civilians killed and information on reports of sexual violence in the Human rights monitoring and reporting section if UNMISS have enough number of women than will be able to raise the awareness and risk assessment work on zero-tolerance policy on sexual exploitation.

He said women are playing big role in the UNMISS mandate in South Sudan to ensure that people live in Peace but not war.

The Minister of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Jemma Nunu Kumba said the plan has already been finalized by the government but waiting for the action to be taken by the high authority.

The minister didn’t disclose the date of the recruitment of the women to be trained and added to UNMISS peacekeepers.

She said this should improve with an explicit reference to and analysis of all genders, emphasizing diverse masculinities and femininities, including the dynamics between and among genders as well as the power relations and hierarchies at play.

She added it will also help intersection of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, class, and age across all political, peace, and security processes.

Kumba appreciated the work well done by the UNMISS in South Sudan despite that the country’s need for togetherness and lasting peace in the country.

She said UNMISS had done a lot in peace to bring the country back though some of their members lost the lives.

By Asunta Alith

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