UNMISS organizes panel discussions

By Anna Nimiriano

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in collaboration with the Catholic University yesterday organized a high level panel discussion in celebration of this year’s International Women Day at the Catholic University under the theme: “Catalyst for change: The role of women in South Sudan peace process”. Juma Nunu Kumba, the acting Secretary General of the Sudan people’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the Minister of Wildlife conversation was the guest of honor of the day. She said women should work hard to implement the peace agreement. What is the role of women in peace is the concern of every woman in South Sudan. She gave examples of women in other countries and explained on how they struggled to support peace in their country.She encouraged women to participate fully in peace messages.

Theresa Ciricio, Chairperson of SANU in panel discussion read the articles that gave man date to 35 percent of women representation in peace agreement. She explained how it was divided in peace agreement document, for example the number ofministers’ position and the deputy ministers were clearly stated. She continued saying that women should mobilize themselves to address their rights in effective manner. She further said durable peace is where women work side by side with men.

Abraham Awolich, SUDD Institute,one of the panels likewise said the role of women started right from home. Every woman is responsible in the family.  According to him good women make life easy in the family. He said women programmes should be supported that is why gender is considered in the society. He advised women to work hard in order to achieve the 35 percent given to them, it would not be given free but it required a lot of efforts. He said the delay of the peace implementation is funds.We should not wait for somebody to come from outside to fund for us this peace. During the conflict we used to get money for buying weapons, now we can use the same money we are getting for implementing peace in the country. “We can finance peace as we financed war he added.” He said as women are fighting for their rights; aiming for positions, let the ministry of finance give the chance to a woman to see how she can manage it.

Madam Lona James of Catholic University said last year women leaders from Civil society, women Bloc, women Coalition, FDs, Civil society and others attended conference in Djibouti.They discussedon how they could work hard for the 35 percent given to them. She stated that the same women leaders of the above mentioned groups last month launched peace campaign in Juba. That showed women are working for peace in the country.

Many men and women attended the discussions. They asked questions regarding the implementation of the peace agreement in the country.

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