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UNMISS, Gov’t sensitize school on community violence reduction

Pictorial of facilitator during the training in Juba Day SS

By Bida Elly David

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan in conjunction with South Sudan National Police Service and United Nations Police yesterday held one day of training on sensitizing Students and society on the dangers of community violence as well as remedies to mitigate them.

The program was attended by a number of participants which included delegates from UNMISS, South Sudan police Service, students from Juba Day Secondary school as well as the teachers.

Speaking during her session, Elivira Wani, UNMISS Assistant Child Protection field officer in Juba pointed out that, forced recruitment and use of children in armed conflict and in post-armed conflict situations to fight in the battlefield has been one of the practices that dictated child’s right in the Country.

‘’Our Constitution and the child act forbids Forced recruitment of children into armed and post-armed conflict either by law or by force. A child below the age of 18 is not accepted to be recruited or used as a battle liability in any capacity’’ Elivira said.

She added that children could not be used as spies, messengers or a servant to wash, cook, iron fetch firewood to the heads and the mature ones due to the low thinking capacity they bear especially girls who involved in multiple activities for the big ones in an individual house.

Furthermore, she uttered that killing of children or forcing them to kill was one of the violations that were against human right especially to the young one.

However, she reiterated that the other violation that has been practiced was the sexual harassment on girls who are underage by armed men. The law forbade.

‘’Killing children in a crossfire is one of the violations big officers should address through separation of Civilians. When the Military are going for joint operation, no any force is allowed to use a girl of underage. No child abduction to children since they have right to stay with their families’’ She said

She jagged out that attacks on schools, mosques/churches, hospitals where children settle and denial to humanitarian access was one of the mandates UNMISS do ensuring that children were protected.

However, Wesly Kpikiru UNMISS officer during his presentation on reporting mechanisms pointed out that children have got full rights to immediately report any forceful practices against them by big people to the nearest police station for emergency response.

He added that the police was a best intimate friend to a civilian meant to address key challenges facing children at all level.

‘’As a mandate, you children are fully mandated to report anything against you to any of the nearest police station since they are  best friends to civilians and the law enforcement agency’’ Wesly said

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