UNMISS conducts human rights training in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

UNMISS human rights division field office in Lakes State has trained about 40 members of civil society on monitoring, investigation and reporting.

The training workshop which was concluded on Friday was attended by 40 participants drawn from different civil society organizations network in Lakes State.

John Ozeigbe, the UNMISS human rights division officer said the workshop was meant to  enhance civil activists’ ability in monitoring, investigation and reporting human rights abuses in Lakes State.

“The work of human rights monitoring, investigation and reporting should not be left to the UN agencies alone because on the opposite of sustainability and continuity when the UNMISS leaves tomorrow the work is going to fall back at you as members of civil society,” he explained.

“That is why it is always important to acquire all the skills in terms of monitoring human rights violation and abuses in investigation and also reporting it positively in a way that anybody who sees the report will understand it exactly what you are reporting,” Oziegbe said.

He said there was going to be a continuous engagement with the civil society and urged the activists to always involve the UN agencies in whatever they do.

“We are asking to keep us involved in your meetings so we begin to understand where your problems are and we are looking forward to closing where the gap is and how we can help in accelerating our force,” Oziegbe stressed.

Civil society youth activist, John Malou Ater said, “We are happy with the UNMISS because it has opened our eyes to make sure people of Lakes State live peacefully.”

Ayor Achol Kuer who spoke on behalf of women during the end of the training promised to put the knowledge acquired to practice.

“I have now acquired knowledge on how to monitor, investigate and report against the human rights abuses and violation that are taking place in Rumbek,” Ayor said.

Ms. Ayor said as a member of the town court in Rumbek she will ensure that early and forced marriage was discouraged in the community.

The UNMISS human rights training workshop brought together about 40 participants from across Lakes State.

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