Editorial 14th May 2018

Unknown gunmen or pure criminals are at it again. This time in some populated suburbs of Juba City. A pastor and a lady neighbour shot dead in yet another mysterious circumstance with another pastor nursing serious bullet injuries in the hospital. Early reports revealed of crimson scene in which the fatality took place in Gudele last Saturday night. The Gudele shooting and many others which have not received media attention should be contained to save lives of innocent people. There was a serious case of rape in Shirikat where a father helplessly watched as his 15 year old daughter was being raped, their offence, the father had earlier parted with the 1,000 SSP he had before the thugs came back for more money which the family did not have ending up in the rape ordeal. Security should be beefed up in these crime prone areas and the use of surveillance cameras which were installed put to effective service for the security of the public. The National Police department has developed some important measures to curb insecurity and crime. The setback lies with some dishonest officers who do not want to conform to change and work as a professional unit. Coupled with slow pace of disarmament and the fact that many guns are in the hands of unprofessional handlers, there is need for the public to cooperate with the security organs to help in reducing crime through effective information to the right authority at the right time. Security organs should adopt a friendly not a bully attitude which makes the public not pass security information to them. Above all peace for effective co-existence is mandatory for the curbing down of the insecurity and other ills in the society. Let there be effective use of surveillance cameras and security emergency call-lines. Let innocent people not lose their lives at the hands of these blood-thirsty criminals by making it the responsibility of all to be “your brother’s keeper.”

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