A foot for thought

Unknown gunmen must be tackle seriously

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Based on the story published yesterday in the newspaper about seven police of different ranks dismissed by President was good move.  In the story what some police personnel were doing in the country was mentioned. And using the term “unknown gunmen” to do criminal act in the areas. The criminal activities were being done by people with guns and uniform.

Sure after this now its means no people will enter into people’s houses at night and threaten people with guns, looting properties, killing innocent souls without knowing them.

What had happened was that God has listen to the crying of innocent people in the country. This act of unknown gunmen is not only in Juba but across states. Several ambushes are being conducted on the roads; for example Juba Nimule road, Kaji-keji roads and others reported by civilians. The language used for ambushes is unknown gunmen. And this has become a song people just sing when criminal act occurred.

 Currently, it is clear the criminals were the same people who were supposed to take care of citizens in the country. What caused criminal this activities in the police system, is it because the salary they received wasn’t meeting basic needs, or is it that some police officers were criminals? This might involve a lot of investigations on why police and security are doing criminal activities. What is behind it? Is it political or they have taken law into their own hands.

Maybe those polices didn’t go under professional training on how to carry their duties. During the war several people have been recruited as soldiers without professional training. After South Sudan get Independence, there was no enough training conducted to some police personnel and army in general.

Therefore, the forces can turn easily and do criminal act due to lack of knowledge. And maybe some of them would have been doing criminal activities before joining police forces.

 In 2016 incident when fighting erupted between the forces of President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar many cases of women and girls being raped in the areas by soldiers happened. And of course, it was not easy for anybody to say soldiers have done it but now with the truth said by the police officers, it is better such activities to be stop so that the name “unknown gunmen” should be remove because it is now known.

However, authorities to become serious with those police who involved in criminal activities. One of the solutions is that government must come out with mechanism of recruitment and to continue dismissing those involved in doing criminal activities in all forces in the country.

May God bless us all.

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