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Unknown gunmen killed seven fishermen in Nyirol

By Deng Ghai Deng

Authorities in Nyirol County of Jonglei State say unidentified gunmen attacked Nyirol County and killed at least seven fishermen yesterday.

Nyirol County Commissioner, James Bol Makuei, says the attackers killed at least seven fishermen and injured four others.

“The men were whining along the river Nile when they were attacked.It was yesterday at 1 o’clock, they attacked fishermen in Alel, a distance of 7 hours to Lankienthe county headquarters where they killed seven men and 1 person was missing.” Makuei said

Commissioner Makuei says one of the attackers was also killed in the fighting. He says the armed men who attacked the area are still roaming around villages in the area, creating fear of another attack among the locals.

“Now in the entire Nyirol, we are just in a defensive position though there are some other challenges that occur all the time. We know peace is not easy, it has to be followed step by step and I urge my fellow commissioners in GPAA to talk to their people to stop coming to raid cattle, abducting, and killing people on the road. This one will not take us forward as a country.” Makuei added

The Jonglei State Acting governor TuongMajok condemns the attack in Nyirol County and urges the Pibor officials to call back their youth. He says some of the attackers were also killed in the fighting.

“The youth were ambushed in their camp by the armed youth of Murle where 7 of them were killed and 1 missing and 4 others missing. After the clashes, more than 5 Murle criminals youths also were found dead in the surrounding area of that fishing camp in Nyirol North-Eastern part. We have been condemning so many incidents and still, we will be condemning the act of those criminals. We are tiling those who have lost their dear ones to persevere for the sake of peace in this state, if it happened, it has happened. Let us persevere and condone the killing of those innocent youth.” Majok said

Jay AdingoraAlual, the minister for information in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area says he was not informed about the attack but he says he is sorry for the incident.

“The first message is always the message of condolences although we have been keeping on saying this from time to time. We cannot feel tired of it. We have to send out condolences to our brothers and sisters. We are mourning their beloved ones. We are also praying hard that this thing comes to an end, we have been trying but it has not been effective for a long time. But we know that there is time for everything—the time for peace will come whether people like it or not.” Alual said

Alual says the limited communication network in the region makes it hard for the government authorities to reach out in order to call back the armed young men who had gone attacking neighbours. Last month, at least 32 people including men, women and children were killed and two dozen others were injured after a group of armed young men suspected of being from the neighbouring Greater Pibor Administrative Area attacked Baidit Payam of Bor County.

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