Unknown gunmen killed a businessman in Unity

By Mabor Riak

Authorities in Unity State confirmed that unknown gunmen have killed two people including a prominent businessman in Leer County.

The incident occurred in Adok bar of Leer County, Unity State.

David Gai Jiejor, the Caretaker Minister of Information and Communication in Unity State said that the general situation is normal following the death of a prominent businessman. the State government is taking an investigation to make sure that criminal is brought into book.

“There is no relation with the inter-communal fights but he was just killed by somebody who is unknown and there’s no reason behind. There are no revenge killings behind of his killing and he was just killed,”

He added that there was a need to refrain from revenge killings, cattle raiding and other criminals’ activities and give chance to peace and this time we need to work to make sure that peace prevails in Unity State.

Last month the fighting between rival communities left at least 12 people dead and 11 others injured in Leer County, Unity State. the fighting broke out after armed youth from two Counties Leer County and Mayiendit clashed over issues of raid cattle. Several homes were also burned down and head of cattle stolen during the attacks.

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