Unknown gunmen kill neglected inmate in Cueibet

By Mabor Riak Magok

A group of unidentified gunmen have killed an inmate in Cueibet of Lakes State on Monday while he was traveling to the hospital without the protection from the prison guards.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Executive Director of Cueibet County of defunct Gok State Mamer Thokagor said they managed to briefly detain the prison officer in charge of Cueibet prison and two close family members of the alleged slayers.

 He said the inmate was travelling to Cueibet hospital for malaria treatment.

“In fact the inmate was killed on the way while he was going to Cueibet hospital for treatment now the government has arrested the prison officer who allowed him to travel alone without escort,” Mamer said.

He said the situation in Cueibet town was calm and that the police was still investigating the matters through the relatives of the suspected killers.

“The motive of killing this inmate was a revenge, but the victim was not the target. He was killed unknowingly,” Mamer claimed.

He said the inmate was arrested since last year over a murder of someone.

Mamer urged relatives of the inmate to remain calm as the government still carries out investigations.

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