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Unknown armed man rapes a 19-year-old spouse in Yei

By Hassan Arun

Police in Yei River -County confirmed that unknown armed man rapeda 19-year-old girl on Tuesday.

Brigadier Sabino Dominic Tobo said that the rape survivor identified the rapist to be a man in uniform who threatened and raped her under gun point when she was going to fetch water.

“According to the uniform he worn, we had indicated that the rapist is military personnel and not yet identified by name, but that investigations are ongoing to apprehend the perpetrator of the crime,”

He added that the 19-Year-old woman who was a breastfeeding mother was receiving treatment at Yei civil hospital.The local chief reportedthe incident and case opened in the police while the victim was sent for treatment in the hospital.

He revealed that the person who threatened people gun point was automatically a soldier, but only that we had not identified the culprit by names, the place where the incident happened within the town premise and the survivor said that if she meets the person, she would identify him by face,” said Dominic.

“Police also condemned the act by the men in uniform and warns them to refrain from such behaviour. I believe that rotation of soldier is the only way to reduce the issue of rape against women because it is a bad practice and I condemn it, but it is the issue of transferring soldiers to different locations for long time without their wives. For this to reduce or end there should be transfer of soldiers after two to three Years in order for them to visit their families,” Toboadded.

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