UNIVERSITY-Warn top officials with armed escorts

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The Army generals and high government officials studying at the University of Juba have been urged to leave their body guards outside lecture rooms.

While addressing students during orientation at the institute of Peace, Development and Strategic Studies, the Deputy Director of the Institute Dr. Mario A. Awet called upon the officials studying at the Campus to always feel free and relax while at the Campus.

“If you have a body guard leave them outside there because you are students and when you are here, feel free and relax”, said Awet.

Awet also advised high government officials at the institute to tolerate the behaviors of students who like chewing gum and throwing them around the compound, he added that sometimes the officials might sit on the gum.

“If your trouser get stacked with chewing gum please tolerate that because at the University we are all one people and a family”, Awet said.

Awet further explained that the Institute of Peace, Development and Strategic Studies would transform the country.

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