University Students threaten to organize peaceful protest

By:  Bullen Bala Alexander 

The students at University of Juba are threatening to organize peaceful demonstration over the lack of food and water in the hostels.

Yesterday some students from the University of Juba said that the students have gone for three weeks without food at the University’s main cafeteria.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Wilson Mayor Adiong, the third year student from the School of Social and Economic Studies, representative of Ramciel Hostel said the hostel students were suffering due to lack of food and water which are the main basic needs for human being.

“We are here to complain about our challenges in the three hostels in University of Juba that is Home and Away hostel, Ramciel hostel and one for the ladies hostels,” said Mayor.

Mayor said they wanted the concerned authorities from the university to come out to tell the students the problems as to why the company closed down the Cafeteria.

“So we are saying we need our daily food because there is no way you can stay without eating food and the same time you are going for exams.”

He called upon the Amo Company and the authorities responsible for the feeding of the university to resume back and start providing food to the students especially hostel students.

He also revealed that the hostels are also facing challenges of electricity he said the hostels have gone five days without electricity in the hostels.

“We are informed that the public electricity had been connected in the university headquarters but we are confused who is making all this confusions, is it the ministry of electricity or the University administration,” he said.

He said University of Juba is a public institution and is the first institution that supposed to be connected with the electricity and to be constant day and night.

Mayor stated that exams were soon starting and there was need to have the electricity because students would be reading so that exams are passed successfully.

“We are calling upon the university administration, the ministry of electricity and ministry of higher education to make sure electricity is connected all over hostels as well as University of Juba,” Mayor said.

He revealed that students were supposed to go on peaceful protest over the issues but could not do so because they wanted to hear from the concerned authorities before going ahead with the demonstration.

Chan Deng Maror, the third year Student School of Social and Economic Studies said those issues were crucial that needed solutions as soon as possible.

Deng warned that the students would be forced to organize peaceful demonstration if their problems were not solved.

According to him there were a lot of challenges that students were facing throughout since last year but the administration has been keeping silent on the issue.

“We are not informed up to now, that is why all this things are happening in such situation.”

“The issue of food and water is making students’ life at the hostels difficult as such we the students in the hostels are appealing to the university administration to address these issues as soon as possible,” Deng said.

He said the food that they used to eat once in day was stop and is not there and the reason for stopping is not clear and on top of that the water is not constant in the hostel.

However, the administration of University of Juba denied the allegations as false statement that their daily meals and other basic needs have been cut off for the last three weeks.

Adam Cholong, the Acting Deanship of Students’ Affairs at University said students are being provided all their basic needs including food and water.

“What I know there is nothing like what these students are saying, what I know there is food in the cafeteria and water is being provided to them so they are lying.”

“How comes that those students reached there without coming to us as University administration, it is something that they could come to us before rushing to media,” Cholong said.

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