University renovation begins

By Baraka John

Renovation of Western Equatoria State University blocks has started on Wednesday with construction of additional six new classrooms as the University prepares to officially open this year, according to the State official.

According to officials from the State Ministry of Education,the university was initiated before South Sudan independence by the then ousted President of Sudan Omar- Hassan Albashir.

But since then, no follow up was done by the State government with National Ministry of high educationto renovate the university.

In December last year, the State government headed by Governor Alfred Futuyo Karaba launched the Public University constituted of three faculties namely Education, Public Health and Agriculture. Dr. Sampson A. Akoi was appointed as the vice chancellor of the University.

Addressing members of the community and government officials at the launch of the renovation of the university’s classrooms Governor Karaba said if officially open the university will relief the students from Western Equatoriafor travelling outside the state in search of higher education.

“We also want to offer scholarship to foreign students to study at Western Equatoria University not always us to go out for scholarship, why can’t we upgrade our system anddo like other countries. Once the University is opened, we as the State government will employ foreign lecturers and our own South Sudanese lecturers to give quality knowledge to our future generation,”Governor Karaba said.

The renovation and the construction of six additional classrooms are undertaken by Ringasi trade and Investment Company, a local construction company in the State.

Mr. Alex Aboyasa the director of the company said the work is expected to be completed in one year and a half period time.

Currently there are three existing private Universities in Western Equatoria namely Mikise, St. John under South Sudan Catholic University and YMAPS College. Senior four leavers often find it difficult to get enrolled to those private universities because of high tuition fees.

There has been a call by the students from Western Equatoria on the state government to establish public university, because they believe it’s cheaper than private institutions of learning.

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