University opens after long closure

Students at Dr. John Garang Memorial of Science and Technology University

By Jacob Bol Mayar

The University of Dr. John Garang Memorial of science and Technology in Jonglei state on Monday finally opened after closing up for about four years.

The school’s Administration first started with the registration of new students after facing a long absence of lectures at the university due to many numerous challenges such as lack of food contractors to the University and the outbreak of covid_19 pandemic.

Prof. Abraham Matoc Dhal the Vice-chancellor at University said that the last billboard meeting declared that the university has to be opened because the major challenge which led to shutting it down was addressed.

“The food ratio is available which was the major challenge delaying re-opening the university because the ministry of Finance adhered to the president order by releasing funds to the food contractors to three universities which are being fed such as Dr. John Garang Memorial of science and Technology, University of Rumbek and University of Bahr el Ghazal, their contractors are being paid, the issue of food is not a problem it been addressed Nationally,” Said Matoc

He stated that the registration started on Monday and would last for seven days and after which lectures would resume until the academic year 2022 calendar is out and the Administration would have to adjust to its realness in order to catch up.

Matoc added they would not accumulate the graduations every year therefore every student qualified for graduation would be graduated and the graduation ceremony would be held yearly.

However, he revealed the fee structure has slight change because of the economic crisis.

He urged all the students to be committed to their studies because the University has been closed for long period of time.

He affirmed that the university structure has been improved by building world-class lecture halls as a way of trying to put the University on the Map.

He said that all the student are mandated to come with vaccination cards or they will be vaccinated at the University.

For his part, a third-year student from Management Sciences by name of Abraham Maliet said that they will have to comply with the changes at the school.

“There is a slightly change in tutor fee which will be a challenge to students but we will adhere the fee structure but the structure differs from department to department or collages and the university need to be committed to the food contractors so that the school will not ran out of food”. Said Abraham

Maliet urged the students to at least consider the vaccination against covid_19 as it is a mandate by the university and they should adhere to the corona virus prevention measures.

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