University of Juba signs MoU with UNHCR

By Atimaku Joan

The University of Juba signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with UNHCR to develop a center of excellence.

Speaking during the ceremony, the acting Vice Chancellor of Juba University, Robert Deng said that the signing of the memorandum of understanding was to look for an additional funding because government funding had not been enough due to the challenges the country was facing.

“Considering the challenges our country is now facing, government funding has been inadequate and therefore we have to look elsewhere for additional donors and that is why we are now signing this memorandum of understanding with UNHCR,” said Robert Deng.

He added that the implementation of the MoU would lead to the establishment of a center for excellence. The Vice Chancellor said the University would support capacity building for governmental and non-governmental institutions, promote research and teaching of refugee protection once refugees had accepted to enter the country.

The Vice Chancellor appreciated the government of Norway and USA for helping them to construct a Campus on the western side of the university called Custom Campus.

However,the Representative of UNHCR to South Sudan ArafatJamal said that he wasdelighted to witness the partnership of the University and UNHCR growing.

“I am very pleased to see this partnership between UNHCR and the University of Juba grow and mature to this level,” said Jamal.

He expressed his appreciation to the country for hosting refugees and maintaining open border policy to people who are fleeing violence since the onset of Covid 19.

The UNHCR Representative had revealed that South Sudan was currently a home to 320,000 refugees.

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