Unity, love, and forgiveness during Hagana Festival

Citizens over the weekend potrayed the spirit of love and all apects of unity as they gathered for the long awaitd Hagana fetival that took place at Nyakuron cultural centre, a place where majority of youths usually meet and relax in the heart of the city.

The Hagana festival was so unique that it took place in two stages. One was inside the theatre known for acommpdating over 900people plus but was packed beyond as early as 9:00 am though the start time was 11am.

Micheal Asiku Peter was among those who came early for the event as he wanted the best seat where he could not miss any thing happening on the stage.

“Yeah, it is true this county is ours, all the rescouces that are in belong to us,we should live together in peace and harmony because there are so many things that unite us as S.Sudanese than those that divide us,” Peter told Juba Monitor as he continued to laugh at comedies cracked by Wokili, one of the comedians that performed during the festival.

The Mc who wore the Hagana T-shirt kept reminding those inside the theatre that this country is ours saying in Juba Arabic “Junub Sudan Hagana” each time he asked the crowd whose country South Sudan is, the response was “hagana.”

So many creative dances from the youngest dance groups, middle aged dance and the oldest dance were displayed to enetertain the crowd.

Grace  Maneno, a resident of Gurei would not hide her excitement as she wished that more of Hagana festival should happen in S.Sudan.

“Hagana Festival in my opinon should be a weekly thing, you can see here that all tribes are laughing, sharing light moments,joking and playing together, what brings people together like this event must be encouraged,” Grace said.

Jacob Bul, the media coodinator for Anataban, the arts team that organised the Hagana Festival earlier on at a press conference said they are working hard to make the Hagana festival annaully.

“We intend to organise annual Hagana festivals to keep on reminding S.Sudanese that this country belongs to us and we should do all we can do in our capacity to promote coexistence amongst ourseleves,”Jacob said.

The Hagana Festival invlved majority of S.Sudanese creativity such as fashion, comedy, spoken word artist, musicans, dance groups and drama groups though due to time S.Sudanese music legend Emmaunel Kembe did not perform alongside ther artists such as Dj Cent, Mc Lumoex, Jungle Preacher, Cj Oman whom many beleieved killed the show pulled a massive performances at the event.

Mc Lumoex commonly known as the peace maker recommeneded that the festival woukd have been for two days.

“Time was short for the festival, I wished it would have been for two days. It was massive and I believe the world witnessed how united S.Sudanese are towards peace and Unity,” Mc Lumoex told Juba Monitor.

Winnie G, and Alex fashions were also present to showcase to the world the creativity of S.Sudanese when it comes to fashion as they displayed their loaclly made designs during the festival.

Leave alone the music and the comedy part of the festival, there was also exhibition where several handmade handcrafts such as mats, Baskets, hand bangles, necklaces and beads were displayed by the team of Children out of Conflict (CCC) team and other groups.

Many whom Juba Monitor spoke to like Joseph Mabior said that S. Sudan has the potential of being the most developed country in the world once peace comes.

“Look at all this wonderful things displayed here by our own creative youths who are ready to make this country great, we the youths only ask for one thing peace, we need peace so that we can do more of this, creative ideas shall come out of this country once peace comes,” said Joseph a student of Juba University.

The Hagana festival that attracted many citizens was organized by the ANTABAN Arts initiative group that comprises of talented youths who are using their talent like music, dance, drama, fashion and arts to preach peace in this war torn country. (See pictorial on page 8)


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