The honeymoon is over, it is now down to work by the appointed post holders of the unity government. The reprieve is over and the citizens are expecting prompt service delivery. It cannot be called by any other name but efficiency, transparency and accountability is what is going to carry the day. Those in the position will have to prove to the Nation that they were the best choice who could deliver with minimal supervision. It has been a long way to reach this far and it is only with commitment and dedication that those put in position can attend to the public needs without considering their own self. The public including relatives and friends should now let them work and fulfill the much needed general services which have been long lost. This is the government of the people and for the people. It is not going to be allowed to offer half-baked service or provide excuse for one not doing his or her job. The people will prevail upon those doing shoddy work but earning from the tax-payers sweat. This time if with all and due respect, there must be no let down and when the country talks of accountability, it must receive this by those entrusted to do so. There should be clear focus on what one need to do for this country. Let us now put the past behind and unite to build a formidable nation by each and every one doing what is right and what can make the country grow socially and economically. It is equally the responsibilities of the citizens to start understanding and reciprocating those charged with service delivery. Although, they are employed by the tax-payers, they should not be belittled and overlooked when discharging their chore duties. This is a unity government which demands that each and every one has his/her responsibilities. It is time to move together forward together

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