Unit Camp Movie Group trains to retain prizes

The Unit Camp Media Group members with SSTO Artistic Director Dominic Grogory

(2nd-Left squatting on the front row) at Mausa Classic Hotel yesterday.

By David Mono Danga

As Alexander Pope said in his Essay on Criticism in 1709; “A little learning is a dangerous thing’, the Unit Camp Movie members are not taking any learning opportunities for granted.

In a bid to strengthen South Sudan’s Movie Industry, The Unit Camp Media Group, is one of the movie groups working hard to improve their acting skills to improve the quality of movies in the industry.

Having won the Best Movie of the year in the third edition of the Juba Film Festival last year, Unit Camp Media Limited has kicked off training sessions to equip its young and talented actors and actresses with knowledge as they look forward to retain their awards in this year’s edition of the festival.

The group’s Managing Director, Hakim Palermo Aka El-Kimz told Juba Monitor that conducting trainings would foster and maintain a “Hard-Work spirit among the members.”

MD Palermo who won the Best Actor award of the year 2018/19 emphasized that the group’s winning of three awards last year was a surprise to the group.

He says the Unit Camp were not prepared enough for the festival.

“That is why we are organizing workshops to invite different directors, (movie) experts and experienced actors and actresses to learn from their experiences,” Palermo said.

“This will improve our talents and help us work hard to win again this year and upcoming years,” the Best Actor of the Year reiterated.

He urges parents and the general public to support the country’s Movie Industry as different groups in the industry fight to make an impact in the society and expose the industry to the international arena.

“Movies communicate issues in our communities but there is no support for the industry in South Sudan,” Palermo mattered.

Only defy hate bettered The Unit Camp Media in the Juba Film Festival last year having won five awards comprising; Best Short Film, Best Director – Egily Hakim Egily, Best Supporting Actor – Silvano Yokwe, Best Supporting Actress – Agum and Best Sound.

Songa David, Director of movie of the year ‘Dunia’ speaking at the Juba Film Festival

event at Nyakuron Cultural Centre in 2018. (File Photo: Morris Dogga).


The Unit camp won three prizes in Juba Film Festival last year including; Best Script, Best Actor and their Movie entitled Dunia was rated the Best Movie of 2018.

The Director of the movie, Songa David confessed that winning the prize has led to a positive attitude towards acting in the Camp.

“Winning the three awards last year was the beginning of great things in our lives. It has pushed us to do more and more to achieve more. They now feel everything is at reach as long as you commit,” The Dunia Director said.

“I now know that what I do can have a positive impact on the society and can be appreciated by many people. Everyone at Unit Camp Media was motivated to carryon and win more awards,” asserted Songa who missed the Best Director Award.

He added that it doesn’t matter what one does as long as it leads to a positive change in people’s lives. “And we are working as a team to achieve this. I believe together we can achieve great things,” Director Songa concluded.

Hakim Palermo aka El-Kimz (L) and Actress Rose Silvan (R)

receiving an award last year

Meanwhile, Dominic Gorgory Lohory, a Senior Inspector of Theater Industry, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports advised the participants to always follow the script and what the Directors say.

“The Director is final because he knows who plays which role better,” he maintained.

Lohory who has 19 years’ experience in the Movie Industry asked the participants to believe in themselves and avoid being discouraged by people around them.

The who is also an Artistic Director at the South Sudan Theater Organisation (SSTO) urged participants not to consider themselves the best unless the audiences thought so.

Achol Maggie, one of the actresses said the training will make a positive impact in her acting career. Achol who has reservation to act some roles believes actors and actresses should always let their parents know what they were doing.

“Sometimes our society has negative perception towards acting, especially romance,” she said.

“We leave in a judgmental world that may hinder some talents, that is why girls should let their parents know whenever they are playing a role in a movie,” Achol advised.

Actor David Lual said he joined to change negative things happening in his society

Film Director Songa David and Actor Hakim Palermo aka El-Kimz at the 2018 Juba

Film Awards at Nyakuron Cultural Centre (File Photo: Morris Dogga)


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