Union urges police to respect citizens

By Rofina Teteng

Gola Boyoi Gola
National Youth Union Chairperson

The South Sudan National Youth Union [SSNYU] yesterday called on the security personnel to respect citizens and stop harassing them.

The Body made the statement yesterday following a fatal road accident that killed a boda-boda rider and a female Artist popularly known as Trisha C, at Mobil Roundabout on Monday.

Speaking to journalists,the Chairperson of South Sudan National Youth Union condemned the incident that happened saying it was not the first time for such incident to occur.

“This is not the firsttime this reckless drivershad caused such incidents and within one month, we have lost more than 7 South Sudanese citizens because of the drivers who are driving recklessly,” Mr. Gola expressed.

“We urge the government of South Sudan to make sure that theseforeigners should are stopped and not to give anylicense,” he said.

He said the Union is planning to meet the concernedauthorities from the Ministry of Interior, Foreign Affairs and Juba City Council to address the matter.

“As aUnion, we are ready to train youth of South Sudan in collaboration with Juba City Council to make sure that we are the ones distributing water to our citizens,”Mr. Gola assured.

He argued that the youth want to take over the work for distributing water in the city and need to stop these foreigners from driving public means especially the water tankers adding 80% of the accidents are caused by water tank drivers.

“Weare urging the public to remain calm, we are involving the government even the high judges because when these killers were taken to court, they are forced to pay thirtythousand pounds only (30,000)as fine, which is not a punishment to them that’s why they don’t care,”he said.

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