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Union to prioritize students’ needs in Diaspora

Khamis Othow Omot, President South Sudan National Students’ Union

By Yiep Joseph  

South Sudan National Students’Union vowed to prioritize students’ needs and address some of the challenges affecting students studying outside the country.

While addressing the media yesterday, KhamisOthowOmot, President of the South Sudan National Students’ Union (SSNSU) revealed that his office will prioritize and put more effort into providing necessary needs to students outside the country.

“Students in the diaspora are part of the union, the students face a lot of challenges and it is our sole responsibility to prioritize and solve them,” Khamis said.

“We have seen it in Ethiopia by then and in India when some students dropped out from the universities or from the hostels because of school fees and other requirements” he added.

He outlined some of the services of students that remained a challenge for them namely; poor accommodation facilities, lack of tuition fees, and scholastic materials among other services.

“Since we have come to the leadership, we shall work hand in hand if there is a problem, it will be us as the office to link with the government of South Sudan so that we work together” he promised.

Khamis added the union executive body would comprehensively deliver services to the students whether in the country or abroad.

“My executive will make sure that we deliver services and we shall work for hand in hand to solve some problems and some challenges facing students of South Sudan in different capacities we have” he promised.

He urged the general student body to remain united and focused on their studies.

“My word to the students is that my office will make sure there is unity among students in the country not only that we should provide necessary needs of the students in the country” he expressed.

He promised to persuade vice-chancellors and the Ministry of Higher Education to unify academic calendars for public universities and other institutions.

“The issue of calendar in various universities is facing students in South Sudan, and I will make sure that I talk to the Vice-chancellors of the public universities, other universities, and the Ministry of Higher Education to make sure that the calendar is unified,” Khamis said.

He added he will prioritize students’ politics in universities as students’ rights.

Khamis added that his leadership would work based on the constitution.

He appointed Executives body to mention but a fewAluelWolJere as vice president of the union, Julius Otimore as Secretary General, and other thirteen Executives.

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