Union to prevent soldiers from contesting in youth election

Michael BiphaiThot, Chairperson Upper Nile Region Youth Union

By Yiep Joseph

Upper Nile Region Youth Union through its Independent Electoral committee promised to cease arms officials from contesting in the election.

While addressing the media over the weekend, Reech Malual, Chairperson of the Independent Electoral committee for the Upper Nile Region Youth Union (UNRYU) said that youths serving in the army would not be allowed to contest in the election.

This statement emerged during the announcement of the verification date for the delegates selected across states, counties, and Payams in the Upper Nile Region.

“I think our regulations are very clear and also if you can remember recently the president of the Republic South Sudan issued a standing order cautioning that all associations whether community unions or youth unions, they should not contain people with military backgrounds,”Reech said

“I think we are implementing what the President said,so we assure you for one reason or the other if it comes to our intention, we will not be able to allow that” he emphasized.

Reech also called on the delegates to turn up for the verification in order to create a smooth ground for the election

He further added that the union is non-political and not for profit but mainly tasked to look after the affairs of the youths in the region.

“Upper Nile Region Youth Union(UNRYU) is a nonpolitical and not for profit-making, but an organization tasked to organize the youths and look after the affairs of young people in the region,” he said

Meanwhile, Michael BiphaiThot, Chairperson of Upper Nile Region Youth Union said that democracy deals with giving power to next people through election.

“We wanted to be good role models to our youths, we need to show a good example that in leadership, you need to have time to serve and later leave it for the rest also to serve through the election,” Micheal said.

“I wanted to see that there is a good foundation for the youths of Upper Nile in regards to leadership” he added.

He called on the youths to use the organization and the union to connect, interact, network and embrace peace in the region and the country at large.

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