Union of journalists threaten to sue Gok Information Minister

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The greater Lakes States Union of Journalists has threatened to sue Gok’s state Information Minister for allowing the state reporter to pay for the lost recorder.

On Tuesday, the Minister of Information of Gok state, Mr. John Mandol forced the state journalist Daniel Chol Deng to pay 36,000 SSP for allegedly losing a recorder.

Mr. Deng was working as a reporter in the office of Dauny County commissioner in Gok state.

He was forced to sell two cows to pay 36,000 SSP to pay the lost recorder as directed by the Minister of Information.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Thursday, Mr. John Wulu, Chairperson of greater Lakes State Union of Journalists said, they were ready to sue the minister to court if he did not return the 36,000SSP to the reporter.

He said journalists are guided by the media laws. “If there is a journalist who has lost a recorder or any valuable working equipment we can sit down as a union to find out how to address the matter,” he said.

“It was not logical for a minister to forcefully charge the journalist when the Union had not decided over anything yet,” Mr. Wulu stressed.

The Union of Journalists urged the minister to apologize within two days and as well as to pay back the money to the reporter before next Monday. “If he fails to comply with us then automatically we are going to begin the court process on Monday prompt,” Mr. Wulu added

Mr. Oliver Modi, Chairperson of South Sudan Union of Journalists (UJOSS) has condemned the unilateral decision taken by the Gok State Minister of Information against the reporter.

He said the minister was supposed to act under legal procedure to prove out if the journalist was guilty. “It is very clear that the minister has acted out of the Media Law. We condemned the act,” Mr. Modi said.

However, efforts to reach Gok State Minister of Information for comment proved fruitless by press time.


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