Unified forces in Cantonment deserts due to lack of necessities-CTSAMMUM

By Nema juma

The Unified forces at the cantonment sites have deserted the training centers due to lack of food and other necessities according to CTSAMUM.

The forces that have been under training since last year were supposed to graduate last week but it never happen.

However the Deputy SPLM-IO spokesperson Col Lam Paul Gabriel said that the forces have not been graduated because of lack of money adding that the JDB is still waiting for money and “we do not know when the President will release that money for the graduation,” he added.

Speaking during the first CTSAMUM meeting after five months due to lack of funding and COVID19, the SPLM-IO Representative Maj. Gen. Martin Abucha said that the number of forces that has deserted the cantonment is very alarming which is likely to cause insecurity in the areas where they go back to.

 He added that you cannot have organized forces in the cantonment sites training centers  while other forces are outside,  forces that are not organized, this is a very serious concern.

He revealed that  few weeks ago several soldiers died in Rajafe and many other soldiers have been dying in different areas in the training centers “ we need to know what is really  have to know what is happening to those soldiers, those are serious issues that I think we need to pay attention too,” Abucha added.

“When you keep these forces in the training centers for a long period of time they will be frustrated, they have no hope so what will they do, they will just go away this is a serious issues which needs to be looked at if the training has been completed they need to be graduated and to be deployed so that they cannot be frustrated in the training centers,” Abucha added.

Meanwhile the South Sudan opposition Alliance (SSOA) Maj. Gen. David Nyang urged the RTGoN to support the CTSAMUM activities especially the monthly regular meeting adding that although they may report that ceasefire is holding without any direct confrontation among the parties to the agreement aveil incidences in Yei, and  Lanya are persistent and the civilian in those areas continues to suffer.

“This issue of Yei and Lanya need political innervation from the higher level and the occurring violence in Maiwut that involves many peace partner the SSPDF and SPLM-IO is very disturbing, a proper action need to be taken to put an end   on this senseless action because   the civilian are the main victims” Nyang said.

He said that the ongoing intercommunal conflicts in Jonglei and Unity states and some other parts of the country including Greater Pibor is uncalled for and this should be contained as soon as possible to prevent possible escalation .

“We therefore call upon a country leadership to fill a leadership vacuum while open due to lack of state government that would have addressed this locally,” Nyang said.

During the Presentation Nyang raised a concerned on the cantonment site and the training centers saying forces in the training centers have continue to suffer and fighting hunger and diseases.

He stated that the center were not adequately established so there is visible lack of necessities including shelter, adding that there is rain season that has just started  lack of adequate shelter will expose the process to the risk of disease hence aggravate the already war  situation.

Our last visit to Lelo  Malakal in Upper Nile training center was actually an eye opener and it is an example of all the other training centers, one of the example is the shelter, only one hundred tents where provided and each tent accommodated seven people so it was about seven hundred out of one hundred and four that where accommodated

Nyang was also concern that most of the cantonment areas have been abandoned since the resource where shifted to the training centers we urge the JDB and JTAS to move food items to the training centers in the cantonment sites

Meanwhile the Representative of the RTGoNu, Maj.Gen John Daniel said that the government is overloaded to facilitate the training centers, with such a big number is not easy.

“The government is having only two source of income the oil where the prices have gone to zero and the other one is the clearance that we are getting from the boarders so with the presence of COVID19 we could not have any collection at the boarders this has become a big problem to do anything,” Daniel said.

Daniel said that when the peace agreement was signed there was many who promised to support the peace talks but at this time there are nowhere to be seen friend, “yes we do appreciate some of the IGAD countries some of them have donated Uniforms and others have given medicines,” he added.

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