Within the peace agreement stand important chapters that, if implemented, can play a key role in the propulsion of its full implementation. With others having been implemented, all the eyes have been set on the unification of forces to get implemented so that the agreement comes nearer to its full implementation. So many people around the world brand the revitalized peace agreement as slow-moving, but its guarantors refute it by branding it as slow-moving but sure. Anything moving slowly is always sure and when it is sure, it is determined to reach its final destination. Now that the guarantors, Sudan, UN, and IGAD have finally agreed to graduate forces despite conditions hindering the same, what a remarkable step in history wowing the whole world to see the country almost closing the chapter of war in order to begin the chapter of development, progress and well-being of the citizens in their daily activities. Bravo to the guarantors for having been at the forefront of seeing that peace was vital for all. If the truth was less satisfying, then it should be supplemented and the only way to control it from far is to intervene in mediation. The two Sudans have been mediating peace agreements between themselves which reflectsthe sense of good neighborhood.They have worked together for peace as if they have never had differences before. To thosee who are panicking why the agreement was moving in slow pace, the assurance of the peace monitor and promises by the main signatories should put their worries to rest that collectively it was possible to have peace in the country. They should equally play their role instead of sitting on the fence and only looking to comment on the negative components.Slowly by slowly the agreement will soon be at its full implementation.

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