UNIDO, EU Supporting Development of Leather Sector in GBEG Region

Press Release

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is implementing a project funded by the European Union in the Greater Bahr El Ghazal Region of South Sudan. The overall objective of the project on “Enhanced local value addition and strengthening value chains” is to contribute to the improvement of food security and income of the target beneficiaries in the GBEG region by promoting local value addition and market development. Leather (Hide and Skin) is one of the five value chain UNIDO is supporting in the target areas.

The UNIDO Chief Technical Advisor Mr. Ram Kishore Singh informed that recently 80 butchers and flyers from Wau, Aweil, Kwajok and Rumbek were trained on improved slaughtering, flaying, de-fleshing and de-fatting techniques for three days at their respective locations. In addition, 24 skin processors were trained on improved processing and preservation techniques like salting, drying, shorting, grading and tagging. Participants through the Ministry of Animal Resources of different states were supported with set of tools and implement like improved knives, apron, knife sharpening machine, weighing scale, wheel barrow, etc. after completion of the training.

Project Coordinator Mr. Daniel Ruben Ateng explained further that special sessions were conducted on marketing aspects where it was agreed that UNIDO will support developing of a network or association of processors and traders in the GBEG region so that they can do marketing collectively to gain better value of the hides and skins. UNIDO is also constructing four stores in the GBEG region for facilitating storage of processed hides and skin. Participants and local government commended UNIDO for implementing such training programme because at present local butchers do not value hide and skin much and sometimes just throw away without processing.




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