UNHCR lacks resources to serve thousands refugees

By Kitab A Unango

As the world commemorates World Refugee Day tomorrow, the United Nations Refugees’ Agency (UNHCR) said it lacks enough resources to cater for refugee needs in South Sudan.

South Sudan is holding 300 000 refugees from its neighboring Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central Africa Republic in addition to 1.7 Internally Displaced Persons who are in need of humanitarian support.

According to the UNHCR Representative, Adan IImi, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic devastated the complex humanitarian situation in the country.

“We do not have enough resources but we do have the little we received from international communities. Utilize it effectively in collaboration with NGOs and other agencies and the government,” said Adan.

The day is celebrated every June 6th of the year to raise awareness about the plight of refugees around the world, will be commemorated under the theme ‘Step with Refugees.”

The World Refugee Day is also held to show solidarity with those who have been displaced and to honor their resilience and determination to keep their families safe.

It is further celebrated to draw public attention to millions of refugees and displaced persons worldwide who have been forced to flee to war, conflict and persecution.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Adan called on the public to support refugees and displaced persons in the country. 

“We are in a global crisis. Everyone can make a difference. Every action counts whether you have quite limited small or bit, whether you are an individual,  institution, civil society or government, every action counts to save lives.’ 

“To support displaced communities, give them hope, so and love. They are not liability. They are parts of communities. They come with their resilience, they come with their knowledge, and they come with resources to benefit the community they are living in,’ said Adan.

The organization -communal conflict in some parts of the country in addition to coronavirus was challenging to humanitarian services delivery to people in need.

Apart from embarking on community risk communication and distribution of personal protective equipments to prevent further spread of viral COVID-19, UNHCR has continued to ensure food security to displaced population and their host communities in the country.

Adan called on the South Sudanese refugees in the neighboring countries willing to come back to restrain the decision due to COVID-19 pandemic.

“However, in the contest of COVID-19, it is very delicate and very difficult. We sent message to the countries of asylum to sensitize refugees not to come back at this critical times in South Sudan. They have fundamental rights to go and see their properties but it is the wrong time to move, it is dangerous,” added Adan.

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