UNFPA launch creative arts completion

By Wek Atak Kacjang

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)launched creative Arts competition under the theme “My body is my own” to claim the right to autonomy and self-determination.

Yesterday, UNFPA launched State World Population report globe annual flagship report of UNFPA that tackles prevailing and emerging issues of concern to countries and governments worldwide.

Speaking to media during the launching, UNFPA Country Representative Dr. Otieno said woman power to control her body is linked to how much control she has in other sphere of her life.

“You will agree with me that bodily autonomy is fundamental human right yetacross the country today Many girls woke up being linked to dress up because it is their wedding day,”Otien said.

She added that there werepeople who started their day going to a health facility to seek family planning services only to be told that there will be no contraceptive without her husband consent,also women who started their day going toa health facility to seek family planning services, only to be told that there will be no contraceptives without her husband ‘s consent.

She revealed that all around the world, women and girls are not in control over their bodies and their lives. Yet women have the fundamental right to make their own decisions about their bodies.

“The right to the autonomy of our bodies means that we must have the power and agency to make choices, without fear of violence or having someone else decidingfor us. Despite constitutional guarantees of gender equality in many countries worldwide, on average, women enjoy just 75 per cent of the legal rights,”

However, the Minster of Gender, Child and Social Welfare Ayaa Benjamin Warille said that this report will provide momentumand priority of investing sexual reproductive.

“I appreciate UNFPA for launching State World Population report for 2021,”.

However, Deputy Vice Chancellor University of Juba, Robert Mayom said youth would be engaged through creative expression using arts, drum and media to fix slogan of this year.

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