Understanding leadership

By Akol Arop Akol

Africa has greatest leaders around the world. Some are alive and others are gone but they have left legacy for the generation to come.

Great names like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Koffi Annan, Jumo Kenyatta, Julius Nyerere, Dr. John Garang and many others have struggled for the liberation of their people from slavery or oppression.

And today African is well known as strong because of them. The current leaders would then need to follow their footsteps.

Greed for power must stop because the past or current wars have ruined buildings and human lives. If there is any misunderstanding leaders and their citizens must come for a peaceful agreement.

Time has come to sit as brothers and sisters to discuss the ‘cause and results’ of conflict among us. If it is leadership issues, the leaders must put their people and country without greediness or selfishness.

Everyone is a leader at his or her home but when one goes to the public it is a call to serve with honesty and transparency.

A leader must not have ethnical ideology, discrimination, nepotism and corruption as these are injustices preventing Africa from progressing because the resources are misused by superior individuals while other groups are left powerless and starving due to poverty.

Leaders are the eyes of the civil population. Thus, they strive to lead with example by being moral, humble, caring and critical in decision-making.

They are expected to improve the economy, security and education as top services expected from government by citizens.

When there is stability, ladies and gentlemen would go to work while children go to school. Citizens also get chance of creating jobs and employing themselves. This allows free co-existence for everyone to talk and walk in a peaceful environment.

Therefore, African leaders must not focus on accumulating wealth using public resources. Instead of wasting and keeping fat-bank accounts, that money has to be purposely invested in building schools, health centers, roads, recreation centers and orphanage for the well-fare of Africa. The purchasing of powerful weapons for war only takes us back while the world is has gone far in civilization and technology. We need to stop fighting because we gain nothing but only destruction and death.

See today our little towers and tukuls are getting demolished by wars, where shall we then go?  And when we look around the world, Africa is still the most challenged continent with less developed countries.

Why is black man still suffering like a foreigner in the world? Most Africans are scattered and wandering around world’s corners seeking refugee because they need Peace, Security and accommodation. But they are not happy in diaspora. They need to come to where they belong.

African leaders are responsible to take them out of camps and reunite them with their families and they shall feel love, peace and freedom in their indigenous countries.

Sharing and solving African problems by themselves with heart of political will is the only way to restore dignity and power.

Both countries dwelling in peace and those at war need to unite and address political and economic crisis in order to bring stability.

The leaders would have to share ideas on how to support the unprivileged citizens such as orphans, windows, wounded heroes and heroines as well as elderly and young children of financially affected families. The revenues collected belong to the government and the purpose is to provide other basic services for the citizens. It should not those of high profiles in the communities that should be considered alone. Equality must exist.

The names of soldiers both alive and killed should be in the pay-list to support their families. Unfortunately, some names are documented but the money is eaten by unknown people.

This cheating needs to be avoided. As the army protects the country and civilians, it is therefore an important organ to be honored and supported by all means. If left hungry the soldiers would not be defensive.

The army needs military skills and tactics. So training schools, hospitals and Military barracks must be well established in all African countries. And by doing this challenge, the soldiers would have knowledge and Patriotism to serve their people whole heartily.

And when well-fed they would not again go for malpractices such as raping, looting and killing civilians because they understand their roles of protecting people and their properties as well as defending the ruling government from rebels.

The government has to make sure that no soldier walks anyhow with uniforms and weapons in towns or local areas where they are not deployed because civilians would fear seeing them with guns. This ensures security to allow everyone to move and work freely in daily life.

And if leaders want stability in Africa, they must stop ill-culture of dictatorship because it results into oppressions which encourage the angered citizens to evolve into rebellion.

When a leader is trusted and elected, he or she must do all the promised manifestos and then steps down when term given ends. The citizens will then have the right to reject or re-election the prior leaders. By then all countries of Africa shall be in peace and harmony.



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