Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odooyo

In the West nobody goes out for work or take trip without fully understanding the weather condition. In fact, weather focus is given attention more than anything else and where a mistake any slight mistake occurs from the weathermen, then hell will break loose. This is not only in the West, but goes globally except some parts of African nations. I am revisiting this topic because some of us act contrary to the weather focus. We do not follow even if we are told it is going to rain cats and dogs, that is when one will be seen wearing light clothes which do not correspond to the weather situation. It is the weathermen who predict when to start preparing farms for food production. They are the same people who will let you know how long the sun will be up and what would be the aftermath effects or results. Right now the weathermen are telling us that some parts of the country will be flooded with the current heavy rains, which have started and would go for more than three months. People living around these supposedly areas are reluctant to leave their homes and settle in high slope areas to avoid damages of their properties and even losing life of a loved one. The weathermen are telling us that in agricultural productive areas, preparation of farms should be in top gear against food insecurity with key players joining the bandwagon of sustainability. I am obliged and pleased to note that Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI) has given out seeds to 16,000 farmers who are in agricultural rich areas of Gondokoro, Lokiliri, Luri, Lobonok. Mangalla, Liriya and Juba. This is a good move, which could and possibly going to help farmers produce enough food for consumption in these areas. However, what is important, some other players should also extend their expertized knowledge in other parts of the country where the majority of the citizens needs them more than around Juba City.  There are many national and international players who could double for the fight against coronavirus and the fight against the looming hunger. These two are very destructive and would therefore seriously need all the attentions. The looming hunger is even more scaring because with the lockdown still the region and the international arena are not sure when the coronavirus will end or go away. It means we must eat to live not live to eat. How best can this be done, only through farming and applying the experts’ method. It is time that that small place behind your house must be made use of and kitchen gardening and to be ready for any eventuality. However, most important is that these two dangerous threats in our lives must be fight through teeth and nail because they stand to destroy the well-being of human-kind not only here in the country but globally. Importantly, let us make proper use of weather focus in our daily life to project on the right decision at all times.

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