Understand fondness

Loving someone from the deepest part of your heart is a feeling that brings happiness and success in daily life. It is not a sin, not a mistake, not a crime. God is the one who first loved us and sent us His son to show the same to others. A person may love you with reasons or even without reasons. It is said that there is no smoke without fire, no rain without clouds so it means that everything must have the root source of connection. If you are beautiful, clever, talented, richer or famous, these qualities can attract people to approach you with wills of being your nearest and dearest friends. Those who want to share life with you may not be of your type or qualification. They may not be the ones whom you adore and respect.

Do not reject or isolate them. By the way, you have to know that people come into your life for either bad or good reasons. Never judge them by their color or what they do physically. You first need to know their spiritual and mental attitudes.

You could study a book but there would be some topics that you like and the ones you distaste. All is well. Love what is good for you and leave the rest. Don’t try to throw the book away because of its cover. People differ from one another and their uniqueness should be respected and appreciated.

When someone is running after you all the times, do not think that you are better or that he or she has no someone else, but you could be the right person at the right time.

Affection is first started by one person and the other partner joins when the boldness is built. When you are approached and requested to response in loveable way, show best sides of you. Someone is spending his/her money, spending with you time thinking and dreaming every single night about you. Don’t you see such a melee of suffering? Go to a quiet place. Feel settled and think about those who always confess their love for you. Understand and hold them well but if you show no care, they will one day leave you alone and that will be the time to realize the chance you have missed. It is true that when you love someone, he or she loves someone else. Therefore, the ones you are not sleeping of may be your haters. That is why it is important just to allow the true devotees and love them back too.

I know personally that you wouldn’t want to love someone that would not take you to the hospital when sick, someone who would not buy for you a gift, someone who would not hold your hand and make you proud in public. You would not like it if someone did not rush to you when you call for help. You also especially would not like it if someone does not have your back when you need defending. Yes you want to love someone who is going to stand with you in all circumstances of life and support you no matter what. You want to love someone who is going to converse with you most of the time.

What if there is no this kind of special person you eagerly want.  You have to accept the person and study each other better. Both of you should not be righteous and possessing the same qualities. Examine how magnets work, negative and positive attract each other. In the same, way people in a friendship or relation should be of different background, skills, talents and attitudes.


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