An impressive report which came from South Korea that the under 12 football team had crash- won over three other teams is a blessing because it is an indication that with improved situation, our sportsmen and women can easily dominate the international arena. In their first match, they beat both China and Australia with 3-2 and 4-1. Although they lost to Japan 3-2. The young team remained the dominant of the matches with more goals than the rest of the teams. They scored nine goals in the tournament against their three opponents. The under 12 team had the blessing of President Salva Kiir Mayardit before they left the country for this international exposure. Sports is a tool of bringing peace and people together. In this country it can do much more than acclaiming glory for the sports fraternity and instead cement and bring to seal the existing ethnic bondage. Sports has been seen the world over as an effective tool to bring the country and the people closer to one another. It should therefore be given its standing position and be developed for the good of all. The young talented stars who have demonstrated their football skills to beat the rest in this tournament whether friendly or not should be molded and prepared for future national assignments in the line of the game. But more so the country should follow steps taken by the leadership of encouraging the youth not to be idle but to do what they can master better that can also help them in the future. It is time to develop all sports inclusive and ensure that the youth lived beyond tribal line by bringing them to participate in different sports activities together. Mostly the youth in South Korea who have demonstrated their valuable talents should be kept into that tempo to be the future best footballers. These exposures should be encouraged to bring the standard of sports high in the country.

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