UN SG calls for inclusivity of all parties in Sudan Peace talks

By Chany Ninrew

United Nation Secretary General Antonio Gutteres urges the transitional government of Sudan and peace guarantors to engage holdout groups in talks for the achievement of sustainable peace in the country and the region of Darfur.

In a virtual speech at the final   signing ceremony of the Sudanese peace in Juba on Saturday, Gutteres remarked the event as a new dawn and a new era for the people of Sudan.

“This peace agreement is a milestone on the road for achieving sustainable peace and inclusive development in Sudan,” said the former Portuguese president and current UN Secretary Gen.

He applauded the government of South Sudan which is the main peace guarantor for ensuring and facilitating the negotiations during what he calls challenging time.

Gutteres also praised the signatories for working towards the common objective of peace despite the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Today’s ceremony has a special meaning for the people of Darfur, offering hope for a peaceful and prosperous future, United Nations has been proud to support Darfur tracks of the talks through the UN-AU Mission in Darfur.

The  Secretary General warned that signing   the agreement is one thing and implementing it is another issue.

“Now it is critical to translate the agreement into tangible improvement in people’s lives and as we look ahead, we know that achieving an inclusive, comprehensive and countrywide peace requires all parties at the table,” he said.

He  called on the two the  holdout groups to join the peace process.

“I call on the SPLM-North of Abdul-Aziz Adam  al Hilu to fully engage in negotiations and embrace the opportunity presented by the recent signing of the agreement on principles alongside Prime Minister Hamdok in Addis Ababa,

“Again, the Sudan Liberation Army of Abdul Wahid al Nur must immediately join the peace process adding that ensuring successful implementation of the agreement will require sustained commitment of all parties for the wellbeing of the people of Sudan,” he added.

He further concluded that   United Nations looks forward to supporting the historic journey of peace in Sudan.

Earlier this month, two rebel groups, the SPLM-North and SLM pulled out of the Sudan peace talks branding it as nothing more than just a plan to distribute wealth and government positions, asserting that it does not address the underlying reasons for Sudan’s conflict.

The SPLM-North also said they boycotted the talks because they want Gen. Mohamed Hamadan Dagolo to be replaced as the government’s chief negotiator.

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