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YTDO launches project to restore hope

[Left] Anthony Nymela Nagbe Director of Global Investment partner and Samuel Muto chairman of YTDO [Centre]

By Opio Jackson

The Youth Technology Development Organization [YTDO] yesterday launched a three-month project aim at restoring hope among South Sudanese after the destructive war that has torn the country apart.

Speaking during the launched, the chairman of the organization Samuel Muto said they want to restore hopes in the broken hearts of South Sudanese.

“We are aware of the situation of the country; many people have lost properties and lives of their dear ones; as such they have totally lost hopes for the future of the country. They continue to live in doubts not knowing what is coming next,” Samuel said.

He said regardless of their position, but as citizens of this country they have a responsibility to restore hope in those whose hearts is completely broken.

Mr. Samuel stated that TYDO being a youth organization does not need to wait for someone from outside to come and heal the hearts of the citizens.

He called for the unity of youth in the country. He said his organization will conduct a three-month campaign for hopes restoration as they will be visiting churches, schools saying they are ready to hold radio talk shows to preach message of hopes.

He further stated that if youths are united, peace can easily return into the country. “In any conflict situation youths are the champions of its course; in the same way they can be used as peace ambassadors,” he said.

Meanwhile, Anthony Nymela Nagbe, the Director of Global Investment Partner Company Limited said the hope they want to restore is not for themselves as adult but for the children.

“Last few weeks I have been driving around the town, you can see the brightness in South Sudanese children, but the hope is to let them go back to schools. We should not segregate because it will not take us anywhere; so we need to unite ourselves as youth because all of us have been wounded,” said Mr. Nymela.

“We need to come out with one voice-to restore hopes in our citizens,” he added.

Nymela said as a businessman he has also lost hope in businesses saying business is not going on well due to the armed conflict which he said the economic meltdown has now added more weights to it.

There is dire need to restore hopes in people’s hearts so that people can continue with their daily activities, he said.

The businessman continued that many countries and including his country had gone through conflicts in the past which he said no doubt South Sudan one time shall also come out of the ongoing crisis.


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