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UN Human Rights officials visit Yei

Human Rights

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

A delegation of commissioners of the United Nations Commission on South Sudan on Thursday visited in Yei River County to assess the human rights situation there.

Upon arrival, Commission’s chairperson Yasmin Sooka said the aim of visit was to Yei to meet with the county authorities and ascertain the general Human Rights situation.

She explained that the commission mandate was to monitor and report the human’s rights situation.

“The mandate of the commission is to monitor and report the human rights situation in the area.  We are very glad to be here today and we have met with the county authorities to get sense of their views on the situation and we shall be spending the rest of our day meeting different stakeholders to get their views on the situation and fill in our report,” said the commission’s chairperson.

Yasmin said their discussion focus on a number of issues including difficulties encountered in relations to security and access of the humanitarian assistance to the displaced people in the county.

The Commission’s chair also asked the political leadership of the country to implement the Revitalized Peace Agreement in letter and spirit to realize total peace in the country.

“My message to the people of South Sudan is that it is very important that the political leaders implement the revitalized peace agreement in letter and spirit to realize total peace in the country,” requested Yasmin.

On Monday this week, the members of the Human Rights Commission began their ninth visit to the country.

The Commission was established in March 2016 by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate the situation of human rights, determine and report facts, conditions of violations and abuses in South Sudan.

The Commission would present its report to the UN Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in South Sudan in March 2022, in Geneva

The team met with different stakeholders ranging from County government, UN entities and partners, IDP Women, GBV service providers, Community and religious leaders, civil society organizations and SSPDF commander in Yei River County.

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