ULTIMATUM-Sunday D-day for unified forces

Asrat Denero chairperson of CTSAMVM and Martine Abucha SPLM IO representative to CTSAMVM

By Yiep Joseph

SPLM/A-IO party yesterday issued an ultimatum and demanded that the unification exercise of forces be completed by this Sunday which is the day after tomorrow.

The party told the  Tut Gatluak led NTC to expeditiously form the United Command Structure before coming this Sunday, cautioning the body in charge of implementing the peace agreement against failing on its responsibilities again.

Last Sunday, parties to the agreement inked a final document on a unified command structure, dividing the responsibility sharing 60:40 for government and opposition groups respectively, paving way for the graduation of Unified Forces that had been in the training centers since 2019.

Addressing peace monitors and partners during the National Transitional Committee meetingMartineAbucha, SPLM/A-IO’srepresentative for Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSAMVM) called on NTC to speed up the implementation of the landmark command structure deal reached and signed by the parties this past week.

“Security advisor, let me say one very important thing. We signed an agreement on Sunday, it must be implemented now I am speaking here as a member of CTSAMVM,” Martine said.

“We shall report if you do not implement what you said we signed on Sunday which is not good for all of us” he emphasized.

He said there were seven days left for the NTC to implement the agreement on Unified Command.

“As an implementing institution we shall always report but by Sunday you will know that you have a responsibility. You have seven days to evaluate” he said

Martine called on the NTC chair and the leadership to remain committed to their promises. 

“I wanted to tell you to be committed so we implement it such that it should not be like before. The previous one was not good” he said

He called on the NTC to implement and do what is required of them

Martin appreciated the efforts of the peace partners the IGAD, RJMEC, CTSAMVM among others for their contribution toward the peace process

On his part, Tut GaluakManime, Chairperson of NTCpromised to implement the agreement as soon as possible.

“We want to implement what we have agreed on as soon as possible, and after that, we can continue with what we have issued decree on and to prepare the training center for the graduation of unified forces who have stayed and take the second batch to training centers,’’ Tut said.

“We have to commit ourselves to peace implementation and stability is our concern. As you know last week people were in panic but when they saw leaders sitting together now people understand that things are normal,” he promised.

However, Lt General Gabriel Duop Lam Acting Chief of General staff SPLA-IO and Co-chair of JDB reaffirmed SPLM-IO’s commitment in peace implementation.

“What is important here is we are looking forward to the leadership of the parties to speed up the unification of command. I think this will happen this week and after that, we shall come up with a timetable as said by the presidential advisor on security before the chair of NTC” Lam said.

“I hope the parties to the agreement have resolved and agreed on the command structure to unify the forces, we need to move the country forward”

“The mechanism came back once again and hopefully after the unification of command of the JDB, JTC will come up with the timetable to make sure that graduation of unified forces was done” he expressed.

Meanwhile, Chief of Defense Forces Santino Deng Wolcalled on army officials to move away from politic

“The work of the army is not political and that what has been delaying the graduation of forces has been agreed on, Army structure, every officer whether from IO or SSOA when you go there you will not be an officer of the opposition but an officer of the country who is serving South Sudan,” Deng said.

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