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Ukraine situation discourages the world

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The ongoing situation of Ukraine is discouraging the world as many people died due to overwhelming. Those who died are not born in one day but die within a few minutes of time. It is an unbecoming situation to see human beings having no values. According to the pictures and map are shown in Al Jazeera Television, most of the places in Ukraine were taken by Russia which indicated the bad condition of the country.

Those killed were of mixed ages including children who are the future of the country. Among the destroyed buildings were historical houses. On the other hand, Ukraine’s history was destroyed. According to the report published in the newspaper said that 35 countries including South Sudan are standing with Ukraine.

One of the aims of those countries is to stop Russia from killing the citizens of Ukraine. As a result,a sanction was imposed on Russia which had a negative impact on the citizens of Russia who are working in other countries around the world.

Many parts of the area in Ukraine are under the control of Russia which means they are struggling to take over Ukraine.  However, those countries supporting Ukraine are to act seriously and see that this conflict is stopped. America, the upper country in the world, and other countries that stood in solidarity with Ukraine would make ways of stopping Russia from killing Ukraine people.

This war between Russia and Ukraine reflects a bad image of Russia, killing people like animals is inhumane. Those people were born in the image of God; their time will come to die, not the way they were killed. Nevertheless, leaders in the world would know how to resolve problems through dialogues, especially the neighboring countries.  Conflicts destroy and make people become enemies of themselves. It destroys people’s relationships in the countries and brings down development in the world. 

Like the countries that stood with Ukraine are becoming enemies to Russia because of the way they treated Ukraine. Sanctions imposed on Russia will affect its citizens and limit their mobility around the world.

May God bless us all.

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