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UK delegation in Yei to assess girls education

Emmanuel Sebit, Yei County Education Director

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

A High-level delegation from the government of the United Kingdom visited Yei River County of Central Equatoria State to assess girls’ education South Sudan program in Yei.

YeiCounty Education Director, Emmanuel Sebit disclosed that the visit of the high delegation is to assess the girls’ education South Sudan program in the area.

“The delegation was impressed with the county leadership for handling the GESS program well in Yei.I want to take this opportunity to update the general public on the visit of the high-level delegation from the UK government. We had two high profiled dignitaries who visited South Sudan and the only county visited is Yei and to us, it is a blessing to receive such an important delegation from the UK government,”

He added that this delegation came to monitor their projects in South Sudan and we are very thankful for their visits and they are impressed with the way we are handling their project on the ground.

He revealed that he recognizes the effort by MacDonald and stormy foundation actors designated for Central Equatoria state.

“I am very grateful, particularly to the government of the United Kingdom, Canada and America for their support towards girls’ education. You know girls’ education is very important and we should cherish and support it. Their assistance was in terms of capitation grants to school, cash transfers to girls and training of school governing body,” Emmanuel.

The educationist recalls that since the introduction of the GESS program in schools, girls have been competing with boys passing in upper positions in Primary leaving certificate examinationscompared to previous years.

During the visit of the UK high level delegation to the county, they met with the leadership of the county government and school girls to listen to challenges that are facing the girls in regards to their program to provide a way forward.

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