UK cautions its citizens against travel to South Sudan

By Viola Matela

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the government of the United Kingdom yesterday issued a travel advisory, cautioning its citizens against traveling to South Sudan.

The UK government advised its citizens against all travels to South Sudan citing that the security situation in the country was unpredictable and could worsen any time.

“Further deterioration in the security situation remains a real possibility and could be prompted by a number of factors including developments in the ongoing region-led peace process and the fragile economy,” the note said.

Referring to “daily reports” of fighting between armed groups across the country, and reports of serious criminality in Juba, it advised its citizens to desist from visiting the country and if already there, they should leave while it is safe.

“The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against all travel to South Sudan. If you are in South Sudan, you should leave if it’s safe to do so,” the Office said.

The advisory further said that even if there were no official government curfew in Juba, but most international organisations were observing a self-imposed curfew.

It called upon British citizens to be vigilant of the local security situation, monitor the local media, and stay in a safe location. The travel note further expressed fears of terrorist attacks in the country if the security situation deteriorated further.



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