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UJOSS organized workshop on safety of journalists

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Union of Journalists in South Sudan (UJOSS} yesterday organized workshop on safety and conducive working environment of journalists in South Sudan. During the opening remarks, the Chairman of UJOSS Mr. Oliver Modi said the aim of the workshop is to discussion challenges facing media houses in the country, to come out with mechanism on how to safe guide issues of journalists.  Last month, Media Authority in collaboration with CEPO organized a workshop on validation of code of conduct, to ensure that journalists do their work within Media Authority Acts and code of conduct.

 All authorities in the country and media houses were expected to put more efforts on improving the working condition of journalists. Working environment of journalists is responsibility all including bodies dealing with the case of journalists, like media Authority, UJOSS, AMDISS and other institutions working for the welfare of journalists in the country.

  If journalists collected stories from the field, next should be the role of editors to work on it and become readable. If any mistake occurred in the story, it should be the role of Editors. In this case, journalists should not be arrested with mistake appeared in the newspapers.

 In other countries there were many editors to pass through stories and correct mistakes. If media house should have numbers of Editors, it would reduce mistakes in the newspapers. Civil society was invited in the workshop because they act in solving problems in media houses as activists. We need to put media in right condition and improve the situation of journalists

Anything you do to journalists should be with the right procedure and act in responsible way.

The workshop was opened official by Media Authority Director General Mr. Sabana Abuyi. It was said that we need to utilize our money in workshop and select topics that address issues of journalists. We need to select experts who could talk on particular issues of journalists. We also need to improve our communications system, that is to say communication between media houses, stakeholders and associations working for media houses in the country. It was said that we need to work in collaborations to understand each other and improve media fraternity.   Active communication is required to improve networking, prevent and defend journalists. Freedom of expressions; is become sensitive in balancing stories, need more attention to be put on.   It is important to read media law and understand it as guide lines for professionalism.  Before journalists could be arrested, better to know reasons that could lead them to an arrest.

Otherwise, many journalists were arrested without any charge against them.

Crimes against journalists should be brought to law.  Any issue dealing with journalists is to be presented to the right body. Security organs are to protect not to harass, detain and arrest journalists. There would be mutual understanding with security organs and media, for the reason that media is important in the country to report information to the public.

 Media Authority as regulator body is to see that journalists report correct information. If all of us come together, we should develop media in the country.

 By educating journalists and report facts information avoid wrong report in social media.

Any information in social media should be check with correct sources before communicated to the public. The workshop was expected to come out with recommendations that could promote the work of media in the country.

May God bless us all.

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