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UJOSS elects a new State Coordinator in Jonglei

By Jacob Bol Mayar

The Union of Journalists of South Sudan in Jonglei State has elected a new state leadership to run the office for capacity building and the welfare of journalists.

Daniel Majak Kuany, UJOSS Secretary-General said that the mandate of the union is to train journalists on capacity building, protection, and safety.

“Last week, UJOSS leadership trained journalists on reporting constitution-making, gender, human right, accuracy, ethical, fairness, safety, and protection, so, today we have our lawyers, facilitators, and media trainer to take you in-depth about the systematic areas of the training so that the constitution-making process is on-going in the country,”

He added the role of journalists is like choosing the right partners, the right partners come with much-needed responsibilities, and the same thing as journalists if you do your work professionally if you do your work adhering to ethics and code of conduct and you would be able to enjoy your profession which is journalism, you would be able to serve the communities and report on things related to constitution-making.

He revealed that the new leadership with any challenges that the leadership faces call on the national union and national will to be there to help.

John Samuel Manyuon, the Minister for Information and communication applauded the new leadership on its new role to partake duty and work together with the ministry.

“I wish you all the best in your leadership and we are looking forward to working as a team with you(leadership) because when you have a strong body, you will be able to address most of the challenges and work for hand in hand with the ministry of information to enhance the information in the state,” John said John called on the journalists to stick to the code of conduct and ethics and urged the journalists to work as a team, there is strength in teamwork, and declared the workshop

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