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UJOSS conducts a second monthly breakfast meeting

Group photo during the UJOSS second breakfast monthly meeting with the partners

By Emelda Siama John

The Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) yesterday organized its second monthly breakfast meeting for journalists and stakeholders to discuss the role of journalists in peacebuilding.

The meeting brought together a number of journalists and donors including representatives from the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), Norwegian Embassy, US Embassy, Canadian Embassy, France Embassy, EU representative, China, and UNESCO.

Speaking during the breakfast meeting, the Secretary-General of the Union of journalist Majak Daniel said that the union of journalists is to recommend protecting the journalists, working for the welfare, the safety and building the capacity of journalists in this country.

“We reach out to the partners to be able to support us in making sure that how the stakeholders, journalists and the editors of the team media in this country, work together to share ideas and issues of the media landscape in the country,” he said.

He stated that it highlights issues on media incidents in the country and how these will be improved and last month they did it as journalists as friends and this month, they did it as journalists and peacebuilding.

“We wanted to see how Journalists are perceived by the public and the partners, so journalists are friends to partners, friends to development, friends to peacebuilding, and friends to social-economic recovery,” he cited.

He noted how journalists promoted peacebuilding in the country for them to be reporting professionally to analyze facts.

Meanwhile, the Director-General for south Sudan Media Authority SapanaAbuyi said journalists need to be responsible and follow laws in order to avoid disinformation and misinformation.

“We need you all journalists to be responsible and follow the laws so as to avoid misinformation and disinformation,”

However the representative from Norwegian people’s Aid, Jacob Atem said they are very happy to partner with UJOSS and other media organizations to strengthen the media in South Sudan.

“We had ceased partnership with UJOSS before, but now we have started giving them some grants”, Atem said.

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