Winnie Ngwai while performing at comedy store in Kampala (photo by Drimax Photography

By Mandela Nelson Denis

From Tanzania’s Harmonize to Dr Jose Chameleon and Weseal of Kampala rocking Juba city. Last weekend Swang’s Avenue’s star lady Winnie Nwagi is confirmed to rock Juba city.

The singer who is currently causing traffic Jams in Ugandan city of Kampala with her curvy figure will be doing the same to her fans in Africa’s youngest city Juba on the 3rd of August at City Park.

Juba is known for its life style of partying till morning, eating of Nyama choma and music rocking various hangout spots and the coming of Winnie Nwagi on the 3rd of August will spice up the night life of Jube the slang used by the so called dot com youth of the today era.

Courtesy of Balaam Marketing Agency and City Park Bar and Bistro, the Matala singer will be in Juba for the first time on the 2nd of August ahead of her show.

Having been impressed by Harmonize’ show in Juba Winnie Ngwai told Juba Monitor in a chat that she cannot wait to perform in the country.

“Harmonizes show is the talk of the East African region now, it has proved to the world how beautiful and peace loving South Sudanese are and to be honest the days are far, I feel August should be next weekend so I can dance and chill with my fans in Juba city,” said Winnie.

Winnie revealed that majority of the Ugandan artists who have performed in Juba for example the likes of Vinka, Dr Chameleon and Teacher Mpamire have told her the positivity of Juba and South Sudan at a large.

Winnie Nwagi broke to the music scene with her Matala song that caught the airwaves of Juba city broadcasting stations and she is also known for songs like yitayo ondabeko and fire dancer, she will joined by South Sudanese stars such as King Meditation, Dj Cent and One Pound.

Juba city is one place full of majority nationalities in the world doing all kinds of work for survival and when night time comes the fun in the city never stops.

The search for Gatluak continues as album is launched today

Nyaurach aka Simon Tok flashing a peace sign (Photo: Mandela Nelson Denis)

The search of Gatluak is still on.  It has now reached the United Nations Protection camps within the country, says Nyaruach, aka Simon Tok the songbird behind the hit.

The official launch of Gatluak album compromising of 12 songs is going down today at the Link Lounge featuring Yogoman and Check B.

Gatluak song both video and audio captures the true love life of one Nyaruach, who told Juba Monitor that she was deeply in love with Gatluak before his disappearance during the war times in the early days.

Forced to travel to Kenya for studies, Nyaruach lost contact of Gatluak and eight years down the road, she is not sure whether her lover is still alive or not.

Nyaruach is not giving up on the search and her next move is to check in the United Nations Protection camps within the country, with the hope she would find him.

May be by lady luck the depressed young lady would smile upon getting her Gatluak.

Gatluak has never been a jealous guy and this explains why Nyaruach is not giving up on the guy who loved her and gave her the chance to dance and mingle with other men in the community without causing problem.

“Gatluak was free styled man who valued my happiness, he never cared about my interaction with other men because he believed in me, he is not like the men of today who are jealous and will never allow you stand next to another guy,” said Nyaruach.

Gatluak is the kind of man Nyaurach wishes every South Sudanese women should marry and she vowed that even if she gets married to another man and Gatluak appears she will divorce.

“I still have love for Gatluak and even if I get married and he appears, I will divorce and go marry him,” Nyaruach said.

Inspired by her cousin brother Emmanuel Jal, Nyaruach’s Gatluak song is educating women on the importance of love and forgiveness.

The Gatluak song, rapped in Nyaruach’s native Nuer language, has gone viral on YouTube.

Gatluak album has 12 songs including Gatluak, God with us, peace, and afi moburuk among other songs.

Respect everyone’s career, Rapper Aripano says

Nyaurach aka Simon Tok flashing a peace sign (Photo: Mandela Nelson Denis)

The debate over one’s career being better than the other’s has been going on in the city and most educated and not educated youth always discuss it.

Other careers are respected more than others, leaving so many stranded of which career to take but for a South Sudanese rapper Aripano, all careers should be respected.

Qualification is not this rap song talking about women and drugs, it is one of those unique lyrical tracks preaching about the respect of all careers in the country with the argument that they all play a role in nation building.

South Sudan known for its oil industry has influenced many youth in deciding what careers they want to take.

Yearly, many join the industry with thousands of graduates, leaving other careers with few professionals.

Aripano, a Procurement and Logistics professional gave out many reasons supporting why everyone’s career is the best, and why it should be respected.

“The youth are torn apart on what career path they should take because of lack of guidance and because of what they hear, they get convinced that this and this career is better than the other and this has brought in so many attitudes,” Aripano said.

according to Aripano, some careers are not respected because of what people say, but that what matters is whether the career brings food on table or not.

He said instead of disrespecting other careers, people should be educated to appreciate life directions taken by others, giving example that not all South Sudanese can be doctors or teachers.

“What matters in any career or profession is whether it brings food on table and no one should feel inferior or superior because of their career,” Aripano said.



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