Ugandan man suffers burns after house set on fire in Yei

By James Atem Kuir

A Ugandan national has allegedly sustained serious burns after his house was set ablaze by a rival on Wednesday night in Yei.

Police said the unnamed Ugandan is nursing serious fire injuries in his stomach in Yei Hospital afterneighborsrescued him from a man wholocked and set the house on fire.

According to Maj. Gen. LujangKamba, the police commissioner in Yei, the Ugandan man is alleged to have been in affair with the wife of the suspect.

“On 10th February this year,a certain person set on firea building where a certain Ugandan man was sleeping, the man was burned badly in his stomach and has been taken to hospital for attention. He locked the door and set the building on fire. The neighbours came and rescued him,” he said in an interview yesterday.

“The problem was that the wife of the suspect is engaged to the Ugandan man,” he added.

The police officer said that the suspect has been arrested by security forces in Amadi while attempting to escape to Juba and was due to be returned back to Yei yesterday.

“The suspect tried to run away but was intercepted and apprehended by SSPDF forces in Amadi while attempting to escape to Juba. We have communicated with the forces and he will be brought back to Yei,” he said.

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